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New York, NY 10023-0006


The 21st Sentry™ works with clients to:

  • Identify risk and quantify exposure in terms of revenue, fines and good-will loss.
  • Identify and achieve cost cutting objectives.
  • Create and develop risk management strategies, plans and cost effective programs.
  • Educate client staff on their roles and responsibilities in context
    of client risk management programs.
  • Prepare clients for audits and regulatory reviews.
  • Reduce risk and solve problems within their own and/or vendor's/counterparty's operational environment.
  • Perform due-diligence (pre-investment, compliance, on-going vetting processes, post-investment).
  • Streamline and improve processes and communications.
  • Perform time-sensitive special projects.

The 21st Sentry™ also helps clients in specialized business areas: credit management, large scale project management, marketing, customer service (including  training and customer satisfaction), sales training, internal communication, privacy, and data security.  



"We made the impossible date and are all speaking at the end. The 21st Sentry's efforts kept us focused and working as a team. And our customers are very happy with the new system."
     SVP, Major Bank

"We were ready for the merger audit and got through it with flying colors. The 21st Sentry's guidance on how and what to prepare allowed us to deal with the business of our business."
  CFO, Software Company