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Special Projects

Since its inception, The 21st Sentry™ has been engaged to assist clients solve problems caused by unexpected events and inappropriate employee actions. These special project engagements are performed under non-disclosure agreements and vary in scope and length.

A major portion of this work has dealt with assisting clients in preparing for audits; developing and executing programs to correct detected problems; updating documentation and controls; and training.

All of these engagements require “getting the job done” as quickly as possible while ensuring complete confidentiality, creating the correct audit trail, safeguarding client’s assets and reputation, preventing recurrences, and arriving at a resolution with as little disruption as possible to the regular flow of business.

We are chosen to perform many specialized engagements because of our ability to produce thoroughly and properly documented deliverables quickly using specialized tools while always keeping its contents and related data secure.

Our expert knowledge areas are:  anti-money laundering; tracking the use and changing of employee personal and/or corporate and/or customer confidential data; performing “discovery”, determining problem root causes, and creating controls to prevent any future misuse of data and/or resources; standards and evaluation criteria development; and project management. 

When the expected happens, call us and let The 21st Sentry™ help you gain control.