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Project Management

The 21st Sentry™ is expert at managing projects with crispness and no surprises. We can help you to:

  • Create new project plans for a business area initiative;

  • Audit existing projects for incremental improvements;

  • Rein in the "run away" project and put it back on track;

  • Review an existing project plan for efficiency and reasonableness;

  • Recommend more cost-effective approaches for implementing a project;

  • Create and refine an overall plan for management review using your preferred software;

  • Help identify required team members and conduct kick-off meeting;

  • Create detailed plan and schedule with regulatory deadlines factored in;

  • Report progress in a timely manner with the right amount of detail for each management level;

  • Prepare project assessments at each milestone; and

  • Complete the project with recommendations on how future efforts can be done more effectively.



     Project management is like
         juggling three balls -
       time, cost and quality...."
G. Reiss