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Process Improvement

The 21st Sentry™ is expert at process improvement and has a solid track record of delivering Operational Tactical Solutions. We can help you streamline your business by:

  • Developing and implementing Process Review Programs.

  • Incorporating Performance Metrics into your process to measure process activities and enable ongoing fine tuning.

  • Performing process reviews that identify process steps that can be improved, replaced, or eliminated.

  • Creating a process model of the future enterprise based on best practices, benchmarking and process redesign.

  • Designing remediation solutions for those steps that need to be changed.

  • Establishing a transition plan so that improvements are non-disruptive.

  • Setting up on-going monitoring and testing programs.

  • Developing Training Programs and associated material to bring staff up to date and performance level.

  • Updating procedure manuals and other process documentation.

  • Identifying areas where new technologies would be cost effective.



   "Improvement:  There's no genius
       behind it. It's persistence and
              listening to people."
                 Craig Newmark

"Not everything that can be counted
        counts, and not everything
       that counts can be counted."
                Albert Einstein